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Becca ToewsBecca Toews is making her G7 stage debut with Fiddler on the Roof. She is playing one of Tevye's daughters, Hodel. In and around rehearsals & regular life, Becca took some time to answer our questions on her theatre background and the famous person, living or dead, she would most like to have dinner with. Enjoy!


G7: When did you first fall in love with theatre? Was it onstage or off? What keeps your passion alive today?


B.T.: I was lucky enough to go to an elementary school that had programs to get us involved with theatre. When I was in third grade, our class had the opportunity to do reader's theatre. We read and acted out a few different children's stories (all of them had to do with pigs. I played Jillian Jiggs' mother and was VERY over dramatic and very excited that I got to wear a floral apron). A few years later, we got to do Anne of Green Gables : The Musical. It was a whole new level of wonder for me. I like to equate being on stage with what other people feel when they do something like zip lining or white water rafting: fear and adrenaline and feeling really glad you did it after you're done. That's what I feel when I'm on stage.


G7: What would you say are some of the challenges of being a theatre actor? How do you overcome these challenges?


B.T.: One of the challenges, and the joys, of theatre is that the audience is different every show. One group of people may react to a line or a joke totally different from how you're expecting them to or completely different from the last group. I choose to see this as a joy instead of a challenge.


G7: Do you have any methods for getting into character? How about backstage traditions?


B.T.: I like to think about my character's motivation and who she really is. I've spent a lot of time working through Hodel's relationships with her parents, siblings and with Perchik. You don't really get to see how their love story progresses so it's sort of up to us to figure out what happens behind the scenes. I like to write out the progression of a character's emotions and discoveries and think about how she would react in certain scenarios.


I don't have any personal traditions but there have certainly been things in the past that have become traditions with different casts throughout a show's process.


G7: What is one life lesson that your theatrical experience has taught you?


B.T.: It's okay, and can even be really good, to be vulnerable when you're in a safe environment.


G7: If you could play any character onstage, who would it be and why?


B.T.: I'm going to go with Maria from The Sound of Music...but if you asked me tomorrow, it could be someone else. My dreams can be very fickle.


fiddler pub 0400 smG7: Give us one reason why your character plays a crucial role is this play. What can the audience learn from their role in the story?


B.T.: The great thing about Hodel is that she really loves her family. She wants to do what is right. She is excited about the prospect of marriage, regardless of who she is married to. She's okay with living out her life in this small village, close to Mama and Papa and her sisters. Then she meets this man who knows all about the world and is passionate about making their world a better place and her eyes are opened to all these new things. She had never even thought about love before meeting Perchik and all of a sudden, she's faced with a choice. I think Hodel does a good job of showing us that difficult decisions don't have to result in ultimatums. Even though she steps outside of tradition, she still follows what she believes is right and follows her faith.


G7: Which theme from the play has impacted you the most?


B.T.: Father/Daughter interactions really get me. I love my dad a lot and it probably makes me more sensitive to emotional father/daughter things. I think the theme of family is so very prominent in this show and the heart behind Tevye's struggle as each daughter takes a further step outside of their traditions shows how much he loves his daughters.


G7: In ten years' time, if audience members remember only one thing from the show, what do you hope it is?


B.T. That's a hard one, and I'm going to answer with something that I am working very hard to make true: the dancing was phenomenal.


G7: Time for the rapid fire questions...What is your default song when singing in the shower?


B.T.: It depends on the day. Lately it's been a lot of "Matchmaker" and "Far From the Home I Love".


G7: Nobody is perfect. What is one thing you can admit that you never learned to do well?


B.T.: Putting on mascara without getting any on my eyelids.


G7: If you could have lunch with any famous person, past or present, who would it be and what would you ask them?


B.T.: I would love to have lunch with Walt Disney. We are big Disney fans in our house. Our cat is even named after him! I love Disney trivia and knowing inside secrets so I'd love to pick his brain and learn all about his life and movies and parks.


G7: Hollywood has informed you they would like to do a feature film about your life. Who plays the character of you and why?


B.T.: I would like to think it would be Emma Stone just because I think she's hilarious and I want to be best friends with her.


G7: If you had endless possibilities and no limitations, what would be your dream job?


B.T.: When I was little, I met Jodi Benson at a mall in Seattle. Ever since then, I've wanted to be the voice of a Disney Princess.



 Fiddler on the RoofFiddler on the Roof runs March 13 & 14, 19 - 21, 2015 @ 7:30 PM with discount matinees on March 14 & 21 @ 2:00 PM at the Abbotsford Arts Centre, 2329 Crescent Ave, Abbotsford. For tickets, please visit House of James, 2743 Emerson Street, Abbotsford or call 604-852-3701 or 1-800-665-8828. To purchase tickets online or for more information, please visit