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Dylan Schroeder-8631 smToday, we'd like to introduce you to another newcomer to our stage, Dylan Schroeder, aka Eric in Lord of the Flies. Dylan is a highly-experienced actor and theatre-maker, having recently completed his degree in English and Theatre at UFV. Enjoy this little interview with Dylan...


G7: Tell us a little about your theatre background.


Dylan: I have my BA in English Drama with an extended minor in theatre from UFV. I've worked backstage and onstage in a whole mess of different capacities: an actor, director, ASM, playwright, designer etc. I discovered theatre way back in elementary school doing Christmas pageants and I kind of stuck with it all through my schooling. I keep doing theatre because I love stories and telling stories and reaching out to people with stories. It's a great feeling sharing an experience with an audience. You can't beat it!


G7: How would you describe your process in preparing a role?


Dylan: My acting process is different depending on the role, I guess. I usually read through the script quite carefully and then try and figure out where my character is at when the play starts, and then where they're at when the play ends and what journey they need to take to get from point A to point B. I like to make a musical playlist that gets me in the character's headspace for certain characters as well. I also like to try and find a body language for the character I'm playing: how do they hold themselves? How do they walk? You also have to really think about how they feel about the other characters in the play as it's those relationships that colour in your performance.


G7: What do you like most about acting? What do you find most challenging?


Dylan: What I like most about acting is getting to be someone else for a while. What I find most challenging is just letting go and not worrying about what other people are going to think about the performance.


G7: What are some key ideas in the play that stand out to you?


Dylan: The idea that if people are left to their own devices the sensitive and intelligent people are the first to be stigmatized and purged has always resonated for me. People would rather take the easy path then try and stand up for something with any conviction and we see that in this play. All the ways kids can be horrible to each other and people try and play it off as, "well, boys will be boys." That's not an excuse. Also, the notion that creating weapons and violence as a priority over building civilization is another key idea that really stands out for me.


G7: Can you relate to your character? What surprises you or intrigues you about the character?


Dylan: I think that if I were in my character's shoes I would align myself with the same people that he does. He also gets really lazy when it gets hot and I feel that on a deeply personal level. I don't have a twin myself so it's interesting trying to figure out what that would be like, especially in a situation like Sam n' Eric who are so close. I'm really excited to explore that kind of relationship. I've never had a role like that before, one where I had to be so in sync with someone else.


G7: What do you hope audiences will take away from this production?


Dylan: I hope they take away an emotional experience. I hope it sticks with them when they go home and that they really examine what the play is about, why certain characters behave the way they do. I hope that they see reflections of the play in interactions in their real lives and realize that things haven't changed since the original story was written.


LOTF pub-8831 smG7: Anything else you would like to share?


Dylan: I'd encourage you to read Lord of the Flies and to consider how important of a novel it is. It's also a novel about young people. Today stories and narratives surrounding kids and teenagers are trivialized as being unimportant when compared to stories about adults. I believe that this is fundamentally untrue and that some of the most powerful and interesting fiction happening today is happening in the kids and young adult genres and you should do yourself a favour and open your mind and check out some books that you normally wouldn't.


G7: Okay, so some rapid-fire questions...If you won a million dollars, the first thing you would do is...


Dylan: Throw an ENORMOUS party with an open bar, a party so amazing that Anna Kendrick and Sebastian Stan both show up and decide that we're going to all start hanging out on a regular basis.


G7: Your favourite song right now is...


Dylan: Under the Tide-CHVRCHES/Forever-Haim/Ribs-Lorde.


G7: Top item on your bucket-list of things to do is...


Dylan: Get a Shiba Inu.


G7: The one thing you would change about the world is...


Dylan: Ending the systems of oppression that give power to straight white men at the expense of everyone else while also making Pokemon real.


G7: Best adventure you've been on thus far in your life is...


Dylan: Going to a huge music festival in Montreal.


G7: Favourite thing to do when you're not theatre-making...


Dylan: Playing long RPG's/Reading YA novels/Eating Pizza.



Lord of the FliesGallery 7 Theatre's production of Lord of the Flies runs November 7 & 8, 13 - 15, 2014 at 7:30 PM with discount matinees on Nov. 8 & 15 @ 2:00 PM at the Abbotsford Arts Centre, 2329 Crescent Ave, Abbotsford. For tickets, please visit House of James, 2743 Emerson Street, Abbotsford or call 604-852-3701. To purchase tickets online, or for more information, please visit

atila-8619 smWith our first production of the 2014/2015 "Refined by Fire" theatre season just around the corner, we'd like to introduce you to some of the performers you'll see onstage. First off, we introduce you to newcomer, Attila Davalovsky, who's playing Roger. Enjoy!


G7: Tell us a little about your theatre background. How did you discover theatre? What keeps you doing theatre?


Attila: I discovered theatre in high school. I attended Mission Secondary School (MSS) and I was very fortunate to meet a couple people that were in some plays that MSS annually put on. They told me to come out and I guess the rest was history. As for why do I keep coming back? I believe my acting teacher at MSS, Mrs.Gai Brown, really showed me how to get in touch with my creative side and let loose. I absolutely love when I get to immerse myself in a character and become someone I'm not usually. It's an incredible feeling and it always makes me return.


G7: Describe your acting/design process. How do you approach a role or a design?


Attila: I believe very strongly that in order to create or play a character, you have to find out what makes the character tick (i.e. where they come from, what music they listen to, who their heroes are.) I always approach every character with a sense of intrigue. I have to be interested to make a character my own, which is awesome because regardless the size, every character is important and every character has their own story. The hard/fun part is figuring out what that story is.


G7: What do you like most about acting? What do you find most challenging?


Attila: I definitely find being someone else is one of the fun parts but I also really enjoy bringing entertainment to the community. The most challenging part of acting for me is memorizing all of the lines. My memory is... wait, what's the question again?


G7: What ways do you relate to your character of Roger?


Attila: For those of you who know my character from the book, I hope I don't actually relate too much to Roger. With that being said, I dealt with bullies and being pushed around a lot when I was younger and I feel my character has some issues with that. So sometimes I understand his feelings towards some stuff although I would never personally take them as far as Roger does.


G7: Ok, so some rapid-fire questions...what would you do if you won a million dollars?


Attila: Buy my dad an Audi (his favorite car), buy my mom a motor home and my step-mother a vehicle of her choice. Then I would pay off their debt.


G7: Top bucket-list item?


Attila: Go to Thailand and Thai-box in a big arena.


G7: One thing you would change about the world?


Attila: The wealth percentage: 99% of the money belongs to 1%. I think i would defiantly like to distribute the wealth a bit better.


G7: Best life adventure?


Attila: Drove to Edmonton by myself and was pretty much homeless for 3 weeks. An eye opening experience for sure.



Lord of the FliesGallery 7 Theatre's production of Lord of the Flies runs November 7 & 8, 13 - 15, 2014 at 7:30 PM with discount matinees on Nov. 8 & 15 @ 2:00 PM at the Abbotsford Arts Centre, 2329 Crescent Ave, Abbotsford. For tickets, please visit House of James, 2743 Emerson Street, Abbotsford or call 604-852-3701. To purchase tickets online, or for more information, please visit

This Friday, Panic Squad & Friends explodes on to our stage with a one-of-a-kind, not-to-be-seen-anywhere-in-Canada show that'll have you in stiches all-night long. This year, Panic Squad will feature a roster of 7, count them, 7! highly-entertaining, super-talented Improv Super Agents. We'd like to introduce to you the first four...enjoy!


Andrew BrightAndrew Bright: One of the founding members of The Panic Squad, Andrew is Mr. Physical Comedy and loves to bend his face and body into anything the scene calls for. Andrew discovered his love for improv at Trinity Western University, where he became part of the university's comedy improv league, 11:07. According to Andrew: "After watching and wishing I could do improv for months, I finally gave it a shot. Five minutes on stage and I knew I was home...Hopefully we all find the niche God designed us for, like I did that evening on stage."


Graduation didn't seem like a good enough reason to stop doing improv so in 1996 Andrew started The Panic Squad with Dave, Scott and some other improvisers from TWU. The rest is history. In 2001 The Panic Squad became a full-time venture. Andrew, his wife Karla, daughter Katelyn, and twins Alyssa and Luke, live in Lynden, WA.


Mike De BoerMike de Boer: Mike is an all-around acting machine, and he can sing, too. Mike began his theatre experience in high school. According to Mike, he was a fairly introverted student, until he and a friend tried their hand at some acting and comedy. Like we all do when we find our niche, Mike excelled and says he really came out of his shell. He starred in numerous high school productions and ended up taking theater at the University of Victoria in BC.


Following university, Mike decided he had to get a real job, but, "I just couldn't stay away." Mike ended up in productions at Vancouver's Pacific Theatre and began taking improv workshops. The Panic Squad caught wind of Mike through Pacific Theatre, and began auditioning/training him. He reached elite agent status and joined The Squad in 2006. Mike currently lives in Vancouver, BC with his wife Rebecca and daughter, Lilia.


StevenKrajnyakSteve Krajnyak: Steve has been performing with The Panic Squad for three years and is a barista for Starbucks when not performing with the team. He lives in Vancouver and is extremely quick-witted and quirky.


Frank NickelFrank Nickel: Frank started acting and doing improv in high school and took further training at Simon Fraser University. Frank is currently the production manager for Pacific Theatre. While working at Pacific Theatre, Frank was given charge of their annual improv series, Side Show, where he plays as well.


If you live in Western Canada, you've probably seen Frank getting hit in the head with a football, and other antics, for Shaw Canada commercials. Frank and his wife, Karina, currently live in Richmond, BC.


ImprovSecretsPanic Squad & Friends plays one night only on Friday, October 3, 2014 at 7:30 PM at Gallery 7 Theatre's new performance venue, the Abbotsford Arts Centre. Tickets are available through in-person or by-phone at House of James, 2743 Emerson Street, Abbotsford, 604-852-3701 or 1-800-665-8828 or online here.

Panic Squad & Friends, and the launch of our 2014/2015 "Refined by Fire" theatre season, is tomorrow! If you haven't ordered your tickets yet, it's time to do so. Like now. Don't wait until the last minute! Earlier this week, we introduced you to four of the Improv Super Agents who will be taking to the stage in tomorrow night's mad-cap show of hilarity. Today, we'd like to introduce you to the final three. Enjoy!



Elijah TademaElijah Tadema: Elijah brings a fresh energy and extraordinary musical talent to the team. His improv songs and ability to play just about any instrument you put in front of him (including his mouth if you include beat boxing) has been a great asset to The Squad. Elijah claims he first began doing improv as a toddler as a way to get out of spankings. He began doing improv legitimately with friends in high school. They would gather at Elijah's home and just start doing games from Whose Line Is It Anyway?.


Elijah's first experience with The Panic Squad was also Elijah's first date. He took a young lady to see a Panic Squad show in Lynden, WA. We all think that was a pretty smart idea. Elijah began training with the Panic Squad a few years later. He reached Elite Agent status and officially joined the roster in 2003.
Elijah currently lives in Mount Vernon, WA with his wife Katie Brooke and children Delayne, Cliff and Harrison. When not performing comedy with The Panic Squad, Elijah can also be found performing some great music with his band, Into Light. Check out




John Voth

John Voth: John has been performing with The Panic Squad since 2010 and is an exceptional actor who excels in adding great character development and strong story lines to scenes he is a part of. Having studied acting at Trinity Western University and performed in a number of roles with a variety of respected theatre companies, including Pacific Theatre, the Vancouver Arts Club and Bard on the Beach, John has some serious acting skills. He has also been a stand-out player in Trinity's Improv League, 11:07, and Vancouver Theatre Sports Rookie League.


John also speaks fluent German so he can talk about the rest of the team without them understanding. Sad thing is, no one else on the team speaks German, so he can only talk to himself. John currently lives in Vancouver, B.C. He talks to himself a German.




Dann Warrick

Dann Warrick: Dann is Mr. Random Funniness. You never know what Dann is going to say or do next. Dann got into improv while living in Southern California. He toured Hollywood Clubs with a sketch and improv group called Center Stage, then later joined up with L.A. Connection and finally Ventura Theater Sports. While Dann loved the acting, the competitive nature began to bother him: "It was all about who might be in the audience, everyone had their headshots and resumes ready after the show." Dann wasn't into improv for his acting career...he just wanted to have fun.


Dann started performing with The Panic Squad in 2005. He currently lives in Lynden, WA with his wife Abby and fuzzy faced baby, Bella (their cat).



ImprovSecretsPanic Squad & Friends plays one night only on Friday, October 3, 2014 at 7:30 PM at Gallery 7 Theatre's new performance venue, the Abbotsford Arts Centre. Tickets are available through in-person or by-phone at House of James, 2743 Emerson Street, Abbotsford, 604-852-3701 or 1-800-665-8828 or online here.




corryn_dyck_smWe're nearing the end of our production run of Anne (of Green Gables), but we wanted to introduce you to another member of the cast, Corryn Dyck, aka Ruby Gillis. Corryn has appeared on stage with us in the past, namely productions of The Outsiders and The Matchmaker. Pull up a chair and enjoy this little chat with Corryn...


Gallery 7 (G7): Tell us about your acting background – how did you get involved in theatre in the first place? What makes you continue with it?


Corryn Dyck (C.D.): When I was young, our church would put on large Christmas performances and one day I said to my mom, "I want to do that". And the rest is history. I began theatre and acting classes and then started to audition for shows where I could in my church, school, community.


G7: What do you like most about the process of creating a character? What do you find most challenging?


C.D.: I love discovering the character: their likes, dislikes, what makes them laugh and cry. When you start to discover who they are, they really come alive in you. There are many challenges with creating a character: not letting your own intuition in or how you would do it is always something to remember. You always have to think of them. You almost have to leave yourself at the door and just play with this new character in you.


G7: Can you relate to your character, Ruby? If so, in what ways?


C.D.: Oh, Ruby. She is so cute and loveable. She sees the good in everyone and just loves life and the love there is in life. There are parts of her in which I can relate: I love to be loved and to give love. Ruby does a great job at this.


G7: What do you hope audiences will take away from this play?


C.D.: I want the audience to be able to go back to their childhood and remember playing outside, making life -long friends, getting their clothes dirty and climbing fences. Those were the best times in my life and remembering them always bring a smile to my face.


G7: What's something that people wouldn't necessarily know about you?


C.D.: I love to do errands: grocery shopping, picking up, dropping off, returning... it's just the best. A dream job would be a personal errand runner!


anne-6300G7: Anne is in part a coming-of-age story. Can you share about a defining moment in your child-hood that helped shape who you are today in a positive way?


C.D.: I was the younger sister growing up. I wanted to dress like my sister, be around her, the typical little sister. We didn't have a close relationship. Around grade 11, we really started to bond. We became friends and enjoyed being together and having one another around. I think it came with maturity, but also just a change in who I was. I was growing up and our likes were becoming similar. To this day, she is my best friend and I love her with all my heart.


G7: What's a favourite memory from elementary school?


C.D.: Actually, it's funny. We use to play a game called "orphans" at lunch time. We always had a mean lady that took care of us and we had to do chores and find food. I look back now and it must have looked terrible.


G7: Share about your bestest friend in elementary school. What made him/her great? Did you have a nemesis that later became a friend? How did you become friends?


C.D.: My first best friend was named Katie. She was a couple years older but we had the best of time together. We played craft fair, post office, BARBIES (the best ever), house, wedding... You name it and we played it! It was fun because so much of our childhood was make believe. We would create these stories, or dances, or characters to play. It was such an imaginative childhood and I truly miss that now in my life. Katie and I are still friends and see each other now and then when we can. She is a wonderful woman!


G7: Was there a favourite role-playing game you played as a kid?


C.D.: We played so many games as kids. Wedding was probably one of the best. There was a bride, groom, pastor, maid of honour and mother of the bride mostly. And of course, the bride wore the latest fashion of a paper dress we would create.


G7: What's your most embarrassing moment from childhood?


C.D.: When tare-a-way pants came into fashion I wanted some so bad. My mom bought some for me and I was so excited to wear them that night to my baseball practice. I think I was so excited about them I forgot to wear shorts under! While running to first base my finger got caught in the snaps and whoosh, the all tore off. I don't think I ever wore them ever again and let's hope they never come back in fashion.


G7: What's your favorite saying or life's motto?


C.D.: "It's not what you say, it's how you say it." My dad told me this as a young kid and I believe it to this day.



Anne (of Green Gables) runs June 13 & 14, 19 - 21, 26 - 28, 2014 @ 7:30 PM with discount matiness on June 14, 21 & 28 at 2:00 PM at the MEI Auditorium, 4081 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford. To purchase tickets in person or by phone, contact House of James, 2743 Emerson Street, Abbotsford  or call 604-852-3701. To purchase tickets online, or for more details, please visit