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Iken_hildebrandt0650_-_sm selected Robinson Crusoe for this season because of the compelling questions the play asks about society, friendship and faith. Our hero's imperialist, and dare I say highly evangelical, attitudes, prejudices and faith is shaken to the core by circumstances way beyond his feeble control. He is compelled to examine the validity of his beliefs and is forced to either affirm or change his understanding.


What's fascinating is that Crusoe's eventual transformation is not ultimately lived out in a vacuum – it is tested against the backdrop of the old order and in the context of new-found community. I'm particularly intrigued by Crusoe and Friday's friendship, how they each come to tolerate, if not appreciate, each other's views despite how their opinions place them on near opposite philosophical and religious extremes.


We find in this classic adventure story a raw and human journey where big, and difficult, questions are asked of self, of others and of God. Through Crusoe's experiences, we're confronted with examining our own values, traditions and beliefs, to discover where falsehood and sense of entitlement lingers, where our understanding and the reality of God conflict, and where prejudice still lurks in the darker places of our soul. In considering the themes of this play, I'm left to ponder whether such questions are a sign of doubt and weakness, or the starting points for a deeper, stronger and more honest faith.


We've pulled out all the stops, as we do for all our productions, to bring you another exciting and compelling theatre experience. We've maximized our technical capabilities with this production, the end result being a visually stunning show that has an often humorous, but always human emotional and spiritual journey at its heart. Enjoy the adventure!


Ken Hildebrandt
Executive Artistic Director