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Bethany Caldwell smWe're well in to run of Around the World in 80 Days and it's high-time to introduce you to two final cast members. Today, we'll give Bethany Caldwell the virtual stage. Remember her? She was our Summer Drama Blast coordinator the past two years. Anyway, she's playing a variety of characters in the show...wait, she's taking over the keyboard. Ok, Beth, take it away.


Hi, my name is Bethany and I like sushi, long walks on the beach and...oops wrong profile. I am a student at the University of the Fraser Valley studying Theatre and Sociology. I have loved the stage since a very young age and treasure every opportunity I get to perform. My most recent on stage role was Tzeitel in Gallery7's production of Fiddler on the Roof. When I am not in a show, working, or doing homework you can find me wandering around somewhere singing some kind of show tune or snuggling with my dog Charlie.


That's so nice. Ok, so, couple of questions for you...What is your favourite comfort food?


Thai food from Chilies in Chilliwack. If you haven't been there, you're missing out.


What do you like most about Around the World in 80 Days?


The classic English humour.


What do you fear most when you're on-stage?


Tripping, falling into the orchestra pit and taking everyone down with me.


Favourite author and why?


Agatha Christie- because I'm a sucker for a good murder mystery.


BunsbyWhat animal would you most like to be and why?


A dog. They get to nap whenever they want, people take them for nature walks, they get unlimited cuddles, and people always want to give them treats.


If you could travel through time, what year would you want to go back to and why?


1974 to see Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra perform together at Caesars palace in Las Vegas.


Favourite word? Least favourite word?


Favourite – Rockstar. Least favourite word- learnt


Glass half-full or half-empty?


Depends what day you ask me.


80 Days WebAround the World in 80 Days World in 80 Days runs November 12 - 14, 2015 @ 7:30 PM with discount matinees on Nov. 14 @ 2:00 PM at the Abbotsford Arts Centre, 2329 Crescent Way, Abbotsford. Tickets can be purchased in-person at House of James, 2743 Emerson Street, Abbotsford, by-phone at 604-852-3701 or 1-800-665-8828, and online at