Meet the Panic Squad Team...
Written by Ken Hildebrandt   
Wednesday, 02 May 2012 13:37

We thought you'd appreciate being introduced to the Panic Squad players who will be performing this Saturday night at our 2012 FUNdraiser. Folks, meet Andrew, Frank and John...and then get your tickets at House of James before it's too late! Call 604-504-5940 or go in person to 2743 Emerson Street, Abbotsford.


AndrewAndrew Bright


One of the founding members, Andrew is Mr. Physical Comedy and loves to bend his face and body into anything the scene calls for.


Andrew discovered his love for improv at Trinity Western University, where he became part of the university's comedy improv league, "11:07". According to Andrew: "After watching and wishing I could do improv for months, I finally gave it a shot. Five minutes on stage and I knew I was home. We're all wired differently, to like what we like, excel at some things and struggle with others (that's why I don't teach math and why my wife takes care of the bills). Hopefully we all find the niche God designed us for, like I did that evening on stage."


Graduation didn't seem like a good enough reason to stop doing improv, so in 1996 Andrew started The Panic Squad with Dave Swan and some other improvisers from TWU. The rest is history. In 2001 The Panic Squad became a full-time venture.


Andrew, his wife Karla, daughter Katelyn, twins Alyssa and Luke, and new baby Elijah, live in Lynden, WA.



Frank NickelFrank


Panic Squad heard about Frank before they met him or saw him perform. He was one of those guys that other people kept saying, "Hey have you seen Frank Nickel? He's hilarious! You should check him out." Before Panic Squad found Frank, however, Frank found them. He was part of another improv team that was taking a Panic Squad workshop. Frank is indeed hilarious. Panic Squad quickly began the brutal training, brainwashing, and re-training involved to make Frank worthy of having the esteemed title of one of our elite Panic Squad comedy agents. He joined our force in 2008.


Frank started acting and doing improv in high school, and took further training at Simon Fraser University in BC. Frank is currently the production manager for Pacific Theatre. While working at Pacific Theatre, Frank was given charge of their annual improv series, Side Show, where he plays as well. If you live in Western Canada, you've probably seen Frank getting hit in the head with a football, and other antics, for Shaw Canada commercials.


Frank and his wife, Karina, currently live in Richmond, BC.






John Voth


John is the team's current Panic Squad PET (Performer En Training).


Having studied acting at Trinity Western University and performed in a number of lead roles both on and off campus, he's got some serious acting skills. He has also been a stand-out player in Trinity's Improv league, "11:07". Dave and Andrew "scouted" him numerous times before approaching John about training with the Squad.


John is nearing elite actor status and is currently completing brainwashing, hazing and shock therapy sessions. He's doing well and Panic Squad is beginning to let him out of his cage and on stage at shows more often.


John is a very smart and witty player. He also speaks fluent German, so he can talk about the rest of the team without us understanding. Sad thing is, no one else on the team speaks German, so he can only talk to himself about us. John currently lives in Vancouver, B.C. He talks to himself a German.

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