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    Why is live theatre important?

    Message from Ken

    Ken Hildebrandt
    Ken Hildebrandt

    For over thirty years, Gallery 7 Theatre has dedicated itself to sharing stories and exploring themes that inspire hope, reconciliation, and redemption. In those years, we’ve produced well over 100 productions, ranging from sketch revues to big Broadway musicals. We continue to provide an edifying, professional and fun space where recreational and professional artists, technicians and theatre-lovers can come together to learn, grow and above all, make beautiful and meaningful theatre for the entire community to enjoy.

    The true cost of putting on quality theatre is simply not reflected in the cost of a ticket. If it were, no one would be able to afford to attend. With record inflation and our vision to become a hub of artistic activity and ingenuity in the Fraser Valley, costs keep going up. But, through the support of grants, sponsorships, and donations from very generous individuals such as yourselves, we can continue providing affordable theatre for the heart, soul and mind that brings emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social health to our community for the next thirty years!

    The theme for our new season is ‘Heart of Community’. During it, we’ll be exploring community as it’s experienced through family, faith, friendship, romance and on the broader social scale. It takes a community to create live-giving theatre, and I invite you to be an integral member of the G7 community by renewing your support or by becoming a new donor. The bigger the donor pool, the bigger the party!

    In addition to the online form above, there are several ways to donate to our cause:

    By Phone:
    Call us at 604-504-5940

    By Mail:
    Send your cheque to Gallery 7 Theatre
    P.O. Box 825
    Abbotsford, BC
    V2T 7A2

    You can make your donations in chunks too! Consider starting a monthly donation program. You can set your donation amount and frequency to your liking, and you can set an end date. You can do this online or you can give us a call at the number above.

    Your support is a tremendous affirmation of the mission and vision of Gallery 7 Theatre, and it ensures we can continue offering this venue of excellent theatre that brings the community together, provides a life-affirming space for participants and engages the community with inspiring story-telling the stirs the heart, challenges the mind and elevates the soul.

    Ken Hildebrandt

    Artistic/Executive Director

    How your support helps

    Magician's Nephew
    • Continue producing quality theatre for the heart, soul, and mind
    • Continue providing a safe, healthy, and life-affirming space for artists and technicians to pursue their craft
    • Contribute to the social, intellectual, spiritual, and economic health of our community.
    • Hit our fiscal year target of $35,000
    • Cover season costs such as performance licenses (The Secret Garden alone costs close to $8,000!), salaries, graphic designs, marketing materials, insurance, and other overhead costs essential to keeping the doors open

    Ways to Contribute

    It's a Wonderful Life

    There are plenty of ways to contribute:

    • Online
    • Phone – Call 604-504-5940
    • Mail – Send cheque to Gallery 7 Theatre, P.O. Box 825, Abbotsford, BC V2T 7A2
    • Add a donation to your subscription!

    Make a single donation or set-up a monthly giving plan – it’s entirely up to you!

    Become a monthly donor

    Join a community of people who support the theatre on an ongoing basis. With your support, we can ensure that Gallery 7 Theatre continues to contribute to the wellbeing of our community and provides a safe, healthy, and life-affirming space for artists and technicians to pursue their craft.

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